Nothing adds visual warmth and comfort like carpet. It brings with it a softness that is hard to beat and forms an excellent base layer to any space. And with the latest fibres and textures that technology allows, carpet is a perfect flooring solution for any commercial décor and vibe.


Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are specially designed squares or planks of carpeting that are made to lock down in a similar way to standard carpet flooring. They are fast and straightforward to install, very durable and easy to maintain.



Timber brings a unique look like no other hard flooring product as it is a natural material grown from mother earth up. Each timber plank has its own individual pattern that is formed by the natural knots and grains, creating a masterpiece when planks are joined in a larger space.


Vinyl / vinyl planks

There has been a stunning transformation in the design aesthetics of vinyl flooring in the last few years with the ability to replicate timber and stone looks by using advances photographic technologies. Vinyl is a perfect flooring choice for those wanting a hard flooring plank option. It's great for replicating a distressed or whitewashed timber look, stone, dark marble effect or just a plain tile option.


Cement overlays

Cement Overlays are versatile concrete toppings that are easily customisable in appearance. They aggregate quartz and colours to create a sense of industrial sophistication in both homes and commercial buildings. The reflective surface creates an evocative quality under light, which can be suitable for a variety of applications.

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